Automatic backups on usb plug-in and sata hot-plug

Here is a method to fully automate your offline backups. Plug your backup drive, it's mounted automatically, runs rsync, then unmounts and initiate disk spin down for safe removal. Tones are played at each step, then alarm rings when the procedure is finished, so you know when you can remove the disk on a headless machine. A detailed log is kept so you can make sure everything was done properly. [...]

AutoRpi headless image maker for Raspberry PI

AutoRpi automatic headless image maker for Raspberry PI [...]

Copy disks and write images with the dd command

How to copy whole disks or partitions to disk or image, regardless of the file system. [...]

Cron jobs : automate everything

Cron is a powerful software that is used to run processes automatically. You can program a backup to synchronise your data every night, launch scripts at startup... The possibilities are endless. [...]

Manual headless setup for Raspberry PI

Setup a headless image before you dd it on your SD card. Only needed step is to enable ssh, the rest is convenience, if you must use wifi for example. Works for pi zero, pi3, pi2... [...]

Partition and format hard disk drive to ext4

How to format a brand new hdd from the command line interface (CLI), easy steps. Instructions on how to make a properly aligned partition that uses the whole device. [...]

Samba : setup for multiplatform sharing

Easy steps explaining how to setup samba. Transform any linux machine into a NAS you can use to share files on your whole network, in a multi platform configuration. [...]